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Looking for Some Ideas for Valentines Day?

My dear friend Marissa from Inspired Owl's Corner shared some great ideas in this POST.
If you missed the Pawsitive Planner for Valentine's Day, you can check it out HERE.

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Valentines Exchange 2015: Sign-Ups are Open

All participants will receive a confirmation email from me on Monday, January 12th.  If you signed up and do not receive an email, please contact me by end of the day on January 13th so I can verify your information before group assignments are sent out.
Looking to add some fun to your classroom during the cold winter months?  Last month's Gingerbread Exchange was such a success that I have decided to host a similar exchange for Valentine's Day.
The Gingerbread Man Exchange linked together 80 teachers and more than 1,500 students.  Here is a quick look at the Gingerbread Man exchange.  To see a full recap of the Gingerbread Man exchange, check out this POST.

What's a Valentine exchange you ask?  During the month of January, your class will create 20 paper valentines and decorate them in any way you would like.  
They should be child-created heart shaped greetings rather than purchased pre-made cards.  You may use the template below or feel free to create your own template.
No later than February 3rd, you will mail 20 Valentines to other classrooms across the United States.  You will also need to include in the envelope a brief letter from your class telling about your school, the area you live in, etc.  This can be a letter that you write together with your students and simply make a copy to send with each Valentine.  Then, sit back and wait for the Valentines to arrive at your school.  

Due to the postage expense, participating classrooms must be in the United States.  The Valentines exchange is also limited to kindergarten through fourth grade classes.  By signing up, you are agreeing to have your class create 20 Valentines and mailing them on or before Tuesday, February 3rd.  If you would like for your class to be part of this year's Valentine exchange, you can sign up by clicking on the image below.  
The sign-ups will only be open for the next couple of days or until the maximum number of participants have signed up.  A confirmation email will be sent out on January 12th to everyone who has signed up.  If you do not receive an email on January 12th, please email me immediately at  Unfortunately, once groups are formed, I won't be able to add additional participants. Once the sign-up period has closed, I will also send out an additional email with more details to the participants.  Please comment below or email me if you have any questions prior to signing up.
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